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HamSphere Crashes???

Well today was an interesting day. We had a roundtable going and the entire HamSphere net crashed. I find it very odd that three of the 4 servers went down at the same time. I am not one that believes in conspiracy theory, but it does seem strange. Oh well who’s to say I guess stranger things have happened.

Getting Countries The Easy Way

It has been a few days seance I have posted. I have backed way off of the country gathering and have just been enjoying the company on several of my new HamSphere friends. I have gotten 3 new countries just by them coming into the groups I have been in. It will take me a long time to get to the 75 mark. The easy way is to find a group on the 40 meter band and join in and let them come to you. Notice I said easy not fast. I don’t know about you, but when everybody is talking or even shouting over each other to get that next QSL card from some distant country, I find discouraging. It is so rude and disheartening.

I Have Another QCL Card

I thought I would put something on the card that would be interesting to the world, so I put a buffalo on my newest card. So far people seem to like it and I have gotten a positive response. Of all my cards I like the Santa one the best but I don’t wont to offend anyone. There are a lot of people out there that don’t celebrate Christmas.

Santa Took A Break

I had to take a break. My wife had a couple of stents put in so I have been taking care of her, but I am back at it. I had a very good conversation with Geert from Ulm, Germany. I was stationed in Ulm back in 1966 through 1969 when I was in the U.S. Army. Geert sent me 2 QSL cards with pictures of Ulm on them and it brought back many good memories. That is one of the best things about HamSphere. It brings people of the world together, and promotes understanding and good will. We also had a great QSO tonight on 55.190.00 with Mike 2HS567 in the chair. This is where I meet Geert. If you are not doing anything come up to 50.190.00 between 6 and 11 PM EST and join us. Please talk though. We always have plenty of side listeners, but never enough talkers. By the by I now have 34 countries and 77 confirmed new contacts. 73′s to all ant to all a good night QRT

Santa Relaxes And Gets 5

I said yesterday I was going to slow down and just relax and enjoy HamSphere, and that is what I did. I joined in on 2 different QSO’s and Just monitored 50.190.00 and relaxed. I also got 5 new countries, Go Figure. I know it will not be that easy to get to 50 countries, but hay I’ll take what I can get.

Santa’s count is climbing

The end of day 6 and I have 23 confirmed countries and 45 contacts. The one thing I have learned is you can’t set in one spot and call CQ DX. America is not a hot QSL so no one will come back to you. What you have to do is go looking for people from other countries doing a CQ DX and call then back. Another thing is that roundtables are not a good place to go fishing for QSL cards. Also just because you send a QSL card doesn’t mean you will get one back. I would have 30 countries if every one I talk to, and sent a QSL card to, would have sent one back. They don’t have to send a QSL card but I think it is kind of rude. Oh well enough of that, This is Santa 2HS3408 QRT…

Santa’s Talking Around The World

I am spending 10-12 hours a day, and some times more, on HamSphere and loving every minute. I get involved in 2 or3 roundtables a day and spend the rest of the time surfing the net I have made 33 confirmed contacts in 18 different countries. I don’t think that is to bad for this only being my 5th day. I still can’t get over how friendly everyone has been, They have also been very helpful as well. I have learned more in the last 5 days than I learned all of last year. the neat thing about that is I learn something from every contact.
Take my word for it if you haven’t signed up for HamSphere yer you should do so immediately…It can change your life.
I have developed a secondary QSL card to send to those who no-longer believe in me.

Santa’s QSL Card

I just thought you would like to see my QSL card. It has been a rather slow day on HamSphere I have only made 3 contacts so far, it may pick up tonight, I sure hope so.