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Santa’s count is climbing

The end of day 6 and I have 23 confirmed countries and 45 contacts. The one thing I have learned is you can’t set in one spot and call CQ DX. America is not a hot QSL so no one will come back to you. What you have to do is go looking for people from other countries doing a CQ DX and call then back. Another thing is that roundtables are not a good place to go fishing for QSL cards. Also just because you send a QSL card doesn’t mean you will get one back. I would have 30 countries if every one I talk to, and sent a QSL card to, would have sent one back. They don’t have to send a QSL card but I think it is kind of rude. Oh well enough of that, This is Santa 2HS3408 QRT…

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