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Santa’s Talking Around The World

I am spending 10-12 hours a day, and some times more, on HamSphere and loving every minute. I get involved in 2 or3 roundtables a day and spend the rest of the time surfing the net I have made 33 confirmed contacts in 18 different countries. I don’t think that is to bad for this only being my 5th day. I still can’t get over how friendly everyone has been, They have also been very helpful as well. I have learned more in the last 5 days than I learned all of last year. the neat thing about that is I learn something from every contact.
Take my word for it if you haven’t signed up for HamSphere yer you should do so immediately…It can change your life.
I have developed a secondary QSL card to send to those who no-longer believe in me.

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